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Daily Raid rewards Empty Daily Raid rewards

Post by Akinokaze on Sat Jun 18, 2016 5:45 pm

Daily Individual Rewards
- The daily individual rewards are based on the previous day’s score.
- There are in total of 12 levels of rewards and those rewards are as follows.
- You can get one item from the acquirable items.

Level             Score
SS+              100m-200m
SS               50m-100m
SS-              20m-50m
S+               10m-20m
S                8m-10m
S-               5m-8m
A+               3m-5m
A                1m-3m
A-               500k-1m
B+               200k-500k
B                100k-200k
B-               1-100k

Daily Raid rewards 13880310

As you can see, it's only really worth using crystals or keys for extra fights [unless Nap tells you to do it] if it will get your score to 5million, MINIMUM. Anything under that and you don't have a chance to get a completed Soul Gear Scroll.

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